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Why we are good value for your business & how we help your business make more money

We understand your marketing needs

  • You don’t waste time or money because our experience and expertise lets us ‘cut to the chase’

We live in and run our business in regional Victoria. We know the issues small and medium sized businesses face because we’ve faced them too.

We have 35 years of hands on business experience including running a design and manufacturing business across Australia and New Zealand for 8 years and have run our Marketing Consultancy since 2000.

We provide a rapid response and economical real solutions for rural or city SME’s.

“Rob was able to work within our incredibly tight time frame and a very limited budget to prepare documentation to assist us break into a new market segment. He worked with us to distil our ‘Key Messages’ and convert these into copy for our new brochure. He was able to very quickly understand our business, extract the right information from us and turn them into tight copy and the right type of marketing tool specifically targeted at our new market segment.”

Marketing Manager - Air conditioning business, Central Victoria.


We provide professional, effective and economical service

  • You get a focused service for a reasonable price.

Economical and Value for Money

We just get in and get the job done. Our overheads are low and rates are variable and appropriate to your task. For some things $50/hr may be appropriate. Generally we charge $100-150/hr (plus GST). For some specialist skills we need to charge more but it will still be much less than a large firm and we produce results fast. We fully disclose all costs before we commence work.

If you wish we will negotiate a total project fee so you have a clear cap on costs.

We are specialists in rural and regional areas

  • You get the best solutions for your business

We live and work in regional Victoria. We have clients in Ballarat, Benalla, Bendigo, Campbells Creek, Castlemaine, Corio, Gisborne, Kyneton, Macedon, Mansfield, Melbourne, Myrtleford, Wangaratta and Woodend. In fact, all over Victoria. Over the years we’ve found out a lot about how regional markets function and how to assist companies to work better in these areas.

Some of our clients are:

  • Service providers including freight transport, furniture removalists, plumbers, machinery importers, pump repairers, heating and air-conditioning engineers
  • Manufacturers including windows, heaters, glaziers, timber trusses, jewellers, refiners
  • Professionals including funeral directors, printers, graphic designers, IT software designers, employment agencies, project managers, architects, engineers, public relations, property developers, surveyors, video producers, accountants, investment trusts, property valuation, real estate agents, interior designers
  • Retailers including vehicles, carpet, tiles, hardware, plumbing, irrigation, heating & cooling, fitness, IT, materials handling, shop fittings, pumps
  • Automotive including repairers, panel beaters and new and second hand sales
  • Hospitality including hotels and convention centres
  • Local Government including shires of South Gippsland and Macedon Ranges
  • Health including Royal Woman’s Hospital, Dental Health Services Victoria
  • Education including RMIT, CAE,
  • Builders including major commercial, resort and retirement

We provide a rapid response for your requirements

You achieve fast solutions for your business to maximise your market share

We know how precious your financial and people resources are because we have run our own manufacturing, retail and consulting businesses. We provide you the resources to get the job done and make your investment really produce profitable outcomes.

We work quickly and efficiently because of our broad experience, substantial expertise, extensive knowledge and huge range of industry contacts.

..."In that we had just 10 days to get it completed, from a position of having nothing, our capability document is perfect”...

..."Your effort in turning this raw information into our finished product in such a short period of time was amazing..

What we do

Marketing strategies, plans and implementation

Common sense solutions implemented immediately - saving you time and money

..."I am happy to say that the work we did together has borne fruit and that i am now busier than ever with a better class of client”...

..." The Strategic planning session that we did...set the ground work for my business development strategy over the past two years. This is the basis of the work i put in place to develop my business to where it is today”...

..."I am sure that you will enable clients that need expert guidance ... the same outstanding level of service that you have provided me”...

Peter Arnold, Managing Director and Owner - Arnold Jewellers

Developing key messages and the most effective way to use them

Ensuring that your messages are focused at satisfying your customers needs

...::Your initiative and ability to lead strategic brainstorming sessions with senior management to crystallise what messages were to be included in the Capability Statement really was the differentiator between an average document and a great document”...

Marketing tools including brochures, web sites, advertising and sales aids

Developing and writing to deliver your key messages to your clients/customers

..."Your work on the redevelopment of our web site in developing ‘key messages’ was great and enabled the web developer you recommended to come up with fantastic concept that we are very happy with”...

Training in sales, business presentation skills and public speaking

Assisting your people to make that sale by clearly delivering your key messages

Writing & editing sales documents

Customer focused writing which clearly communicates your key messages

..."Thanks to you we have been able to get this document to be what we consider a real leap ahead of our competition using strong bold statements backed up with clear proofs of our claims and benefits to our clients”...

Submission writing

Concise writing and presentation documents designed to win bids

Choosing and using the most appropriate promotional tools

Research and sourcing to get your message to your customers the way they will understand it

....“He was able to very quickly understand our business, extract the right information from us and turn them into tight copy and the right type of marketing tool specifically targeted at our new market segment”...

How we assist you increase your ‘profitable’ turnover

We assist you to develop your marketing strategies & plans using our proven step by step process.

  1. Expand your market
    • Clearly identify your current market
    • Identify expansion opportunities within current market
    • Establish new market opportunities
  2. Establish critical ‘key messages’ for your advertising & marketing materials
    • Identify the 4-6 most important messages to get out to your market
    • Remove the generalities and ‘motherhood’ statements
    • Determine what key messages to use in what markets
  3. Identify and develop the most appropriate marketing tools for your business
    • Brochures, flyers, newsletters, business cards
    • Advertising, media releases and other media activities
    • Showrooms, sign writing, displays, exhibitions and conferences
    • Product launches, store promotions
    • Web sites and other forms of electronic media
    • Client entertainment
    • Telephone message on hold system – ‘The Little Yellow Box’ link to The Little Yellow Box’ web site here
    • Numerous other marketing tools – some that won’t cost you anything!
  4. Train to sell your messages effectively
    • Develop a sales plan
    • Train anyone who sells in your business
    • Build customer relationships
    • Client database development and management
    • Cross marketing & selling

Writing, editing and managing documentation

  1. Write copy for your marketing materials
    • Develop your key messages into an interesting story for all your marketing/sales tools
    • Develop and manage media stories that will increase your businesses exposure
    • Write the most effective advertisements
  2. Manage and write your direct client communications tools
    • Develop a newsletter theme to make it interesting for your markets
    • Develop and manage an email marketing campaign
    • Develop and write stories
  3. Tender and Expression of Interest management, writing and production
    • Determine the best bidding strategy
    • Gather the appropriate information form within your business
    • Write a focused bidding document
  4. Produce the best physical submission to suit the project  


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Digital On Hold Telephone Messaging

When you’re in business you need to take advantage of every opportunity to promote your company and point out the benefits of your products and services. What better time than when potential customers are waiting on the phone. Everyone needs to promote their business, but most importantly, everyone needs to promote their business properly.

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